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  • Experience Life on the Other Side


    Flipside is a growing youth group with a positive message. Though it is still in its early stages it is a welcoming family for all of its new members. At Flipside it is a common belief that every person has something to offer. As a result, we support any and all new members. We do our best to
    appreciate the value of every persons input, and utilize our members gifts and talents to the benefit of the youth group as a whole. With open doors we seek to further the kingdom of God through the minds and hearts of our youth.

    Things that set us apart:
    We are a growing youth group that is open to change
    Most of our lessons are taught by Flipside Alumni meaning they are lessons by the youth, for the youth
    Our group is small so every voice can be heard
    Our goal is to grow and expand to reach the community that we live in
    Our strength is found in the fact that we care for one another as a family
    It is our mission to grow spiritually and in numbers until we are capable of reaching people of every age throughout the community of Maumee, Ohio

    The Group...or part of it

    The answer is yes...
    We are crazy
    ...we are fun
    .........we love our Lord
    ...and his dear son
    If you are willing,
    You may come,
    to share our love
    for the holy One...
    So please come quickly,
    Please come now
    join us in, our Fathers house.

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